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Rolling Reflections

04/06/2016 09:00 AM

@ The Faux Finish School
1905 Bardstown Rd

Rolling Reflections

We Are Excited To Announce
Our Newest 3 Day Workshop!

"Rolling Reflections"... Contemporary and classic finishes created with rollers and foils. The hottest industry trends are impression rollers and metallic foils. The once limited selection of foil and embossing rollers have now exploded with variety!

Learn how to create unique, high end finishes with the most spectacular products on the market. These versatile finishes work on walls, furniture, cabinetry, backsplashes, range hoods, fireplaces, commercial and residential projects. Their application is only limited by your imagination.

Wow designers and clients with unique interpretations of current design trends. This class is great for beginners and experts alike. Commit to expanding your portfolio with the most up to date designs.

Complete 18 finishes (and perhaps a bonus finish or two) in 3 days using Faux Effects Gold and Silver Label products. If you are a discriminating and detailed faux painting artisan ready to advance your faux finishing business to the next level, The Faux Finish School will provide you with the creme de la creme of the industry's decorative finishing materials, The Faux Effects® Gold Label Professional product systems.

Spend three days at The Faux Finish School...

Mastering 18+ design samples
Examining current trends in the fashion and design fields
In depth product instruction as well as detailed notes
Hands-on training by an instructor giving you the knowledge and confidence to build the skills necessary to create your own unique finishes
During the three days, we will discuss marketing as well as pricing and review all that you are learning. As a student of The Faux Finish School, rest assured you will leave this workshop with the knowledge to recreate these beautiful finishes for your clientele and designers! A profitable professional portfolio represents the artist's versatility, showcasing a wide variety of design options to satisfy the full spectrum of clients' tastes, needs, and budgets.
We have developed over 18 finishes comprising of the hottest metallic and texture trend finishes.. Students will create finishes which range from simple, one to two layer techniques to complex, multi-layered textures

As we see what designers throughout the world are using in residential as well as commercial spaces, as the economy turns the corner, as building is on the rise, we as decorative artists need to be ready to take our finishes to the next level. That is what this workshop will attain. From simple two step finishes to several step finishes that will awe you as well as your clientele. Martin Alan Hirsch and Morey Curtis Dunbar look forward to you joining this workshop...as they work diligently to share with you over 50 years of combined professional experience, Bring your portfolio to a level never before achieved. We will be using the extensive Faux Effects® Gold Line, Silver Line, RS Series that features Faux Effects® unique foil and leaf size: Designer Foil Size.
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